WHEN YOU NEED A MIRACLE – by Linda Shepherd

Linda Shepherd has tackled a tough topic and I was curious as to how she would unwrap it in a believable process.  Immediately I felt the authenticity and passion of her heart for following God. Linda has her own stories of pain. She has seen God unleash miracles in her life in a way that perhaps were not what she would have chosen but, nonetheless she sees them as God’s best for her life and the life of her family. Linda has built credibility with me because she does not contrive to make a case for God, but she allows the truths of God’s word to build the case for miracles. I see Linda as a woman of prayer, and she has come to realize that prayer is the source of all power and the unleashing of miracles.

I read this book one chapter at a time because I wanted to soak in what Linda had written. I especially spent time on the beautiful prayers. I began to realize how those prayers are pivotal to seeing AND believing that miracles are available to us and they are all around us.

Some her quotes will spur on you:

There is an undeniable correlation between asking God for miracles and receiving them.”

“How are we ever going to learn to walk on water if an occasional toilet doesn’t overflow?”

“Miracles are not about praying the perfect prayer; miracles are about what happens when we welcome God’s presence and power into our situations and our lives.”

I highly recommend having this book at your bedside to read one chapter a night.  It will build your faith and fuel a passion for knowing God’s power in our lives at a deeper level. Buy this book for yourself and buy 10 others to give to those people in your life that need a miracle.


One Response to “WHEN YOU NEED A MIRACLE – by Linda Shepherd”

  1. Susan Michaels Says:

    Sounds wonderful! Thanks, Heidi!

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